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We develop and implement customized workflows and solutions to manage the contractual landscape of your seismic portfolio.


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We help companies in the oil and gas industry identify proprietary seismic data generally unresolved in the seismic catalog

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Magdalena Saenz Gonzalez

Magdalena is a highly respected consultant for geophysical asset management. She has more than 30 years of experience working with domestic and international exploration and production (E&P) companies, managing contracts, resolving entitlements, and developing strategies to improve productivity.



We’re a full service organization helping clients maximize the value of their geophysical investment

Develop workflows and processes to manage the seismic contract for new and legacy seismic data

Develop and implement Seismic Revenue workflows to mature proprietary seismic assets for data sales and trades

Resolve the organization's entitlement to legacy, seismic surveys (international or domestic) on an ad-hoc priority basis or systematically across the organization's seismic database to make the data available to your prospecting community

Develop and implement Due Diligence processes to maintain the status of data entitlement “ever-green”


Operate under the oversight, review, and endorsement of our client’s E&P Legal team

We proceed by implementing point-forward solutions to capture and properly manage all contract agreements associated with new seismic data arriving in the organization - a solution that will work in synergy with your own seismic data management workflows and procedures

  • Catalog The New Contract
  • Identify Critical Deadlines In The Contract
  • Link Contracts With Parent/Child Relationships
  • Establish The Organization’s Entitlement To The Respective Seismic Data

Engage with our client's Land records and document archives (digital or physical) to research every entitlement lead

We Can Start By Organizing Your Legacy Seismic Contract Pool

  • Catalog all your seismic contracts following a set of standardized business rules using your organization's own systems and tools
  • Link the contract to its respective seismic data in the organization’s seismic data base

Deliver results under the guidance, review, and approval of our client’s Geophysical Data Management team

We can take on special projects to resolve your entitlement to surveys found in your seismic archives both domestic and international

  • We can approach these type of projects on an individual, ad-hoc basis or on a systematic basis to resolve entitlement for all surveys found in a particular area of interest.
  • Our deliverable consists of an Entitlement Review providing the organization's rights to the data in question
  • We liaise with your organization's E&P legal team; delivering the Entitlement Review for their final review and endorsement

We liaise, collaborate, and adhere to our client’s Seismic Data Management workflows, tools, and established protocols

We Will Review Your Current Workflows In And Around The Seismic Agreement And Provide A Set Of Recommendations Focused On Your Own, Particular Objectives

"Magdalena has assisted with Anadarko's Seismic Data Management Contracts and Entitlements database. This has involved engineering processes,  workflow,  training and technology implementation.  She has proven skills and knowledgeable in contracts management and interpretation of terms and obligations.  This involves close interaction with various business teams at Anadarko,  including Information Technology,  Geophysical Technologies,  Legal and Integrated Asset Teams.  With the work Magdalena has performed and completed,  Anadarko is better situated to manage seismic contracts,  entitlements and better manage business risk."

Richard Venn
Geophysical Data Management, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation


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